World’s BIGGEST motorcycle engine

Triumph Rocket 3GT Breaks Cover with World’s Largest Engine On A Production Motorcycle. The new Rocket 3GT will have a limited production run of 750 units, of which 225 units of these big bad cruisers will make their way to the US, while the rest will make their way to other parts of the world.

The Rocket 3 GT delivers astonishing performance and presence, incredible comfort, laid-back cruiser riding attitude and effortless touring capability, and heralds the genesis of a motorcycle legend. This is an class-creating riding experience with the largest engine capacity ever seen on any production motorcycle, and unparalleled world-leading torque figures that are an amazing 71% higher than the closest competition, and more than the previous generation Rocket with its incredible flat rich torque curve that reaches a peak at 4000 rpm and holds maximum torque all the way through the mid-range to deliver effortless acceleration and response in any gear.

Peak power is 167PS at 6000 rpm (11% up on the previous generation), so the Rocket 3 offers a thrilling ride (with more power from a low 3500 rpm and all the way up to a higher redline of 7000 rpm), and the highest technology and specification ever seen on a Rocket.

Type: Cruiser Engine: 2500 cc

Max Power: 167 HP @6000 rpm Torque: 221 Nm @ 4000 rpm

Number of Cylinders: 3 No of Gears: 6

Seat Height: 750 mm Fuel Tank Capacity: 18 Litres

Price: INR 20.50 Lakh Ex-showroom ($ 25000)

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